Online Roulette in Australia 2023

We’ve gathered all the information about online roulette and its variations. In our review, you will find out the best betting strategies and learn tips on how to play roulette online.

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online roulette

Online roulette is one of the most well-known games around the globe. During the game, a small ball is dropped on a revolving wheel with numbered sections in it. You can place bets on a particular number, a range of numbers, the colour of the section and on odd or even numbers. If the ball stops on a section that you have chosen, you will win. Online roulette is exciting to play, so our team of experts has made a thorough analysis of it. Find out tips on how to become more successful in this game.

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๐Ÿ“ Online Roulette Variations

โญ American roulette

The most popular type of online roulette Australia is American variation. The wheel has 38 sections, including numbers from 1 to 36, black and red; 0 and 00 sections. Zeroes are green. The odds of winning are 1 in 38 if you bet on a particular number. The payout is 35 to 1. So, if you happen to be lucky enough, you will get 35 plus your original bet.

๐ŸŽฐ European roulette

The European online roulette wheel has 37 sections. It doesn’t have the double green zero, so the chances of winning are more prominent. They are 1 in 37. The payout remains the same โ€” 35 to 1. The order of numbers is different compared to the wheel in American roulette. All in all, playing European roulette online is much more profitable from a long-term perspective.

Roulette online bet Payout European roulette odds House edge American roulette odds House edge
Even-money bets 1 to 1 48.65% 2.7% 47.37% 5.26%
Dozens 2 to 1 32.43% 2.7% 31.58% 5.26%
Columns 2 to 1 32.43% 2.7% 31.58% 5.26%
Straight 35 to 1 2.70% 2.7% 2.63% 5.26%
Split 17 to 1 5.41% 2.7% 5.26% 5.26%
Street 11 to 1 8.11% 2.7% 7.89% 5.26%
Square 8 to 1 10.81% 2.7% 10.53% 5.26%
Top line 6 to 1 Not available Not available 13.16% 7.89%
Six line 5 to 1 16.22% 2.7% 15.79% 5.26%


๐ŸŽฎ Odds of winning a roulette

Outside bets in roulette game have smaller payouts, but higher odds. Inside bets, on the contrary, have smaller odds, but bigger payouts. Here are the percentages of winning for some bets, the numbers for American and European roulette are placed respectively:

Playing roulette online won’t be profitable without a proper strategy.

chief editor John Smith
play roulette online


โœ”๏ธ Online roulette strategy

๐Ÿ” Martingale

Red or black bets are perfect for Martingale. All you have to do is double your wager until you win. After winning at online roulette, you need to go back to your initial bet size. All the costs will be compensated, and there will be a stable income.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Fibonacci

The Fibonacci betting system is also used in even-money outside bets (red or black, even or odd, high numbers or low numbers). Wager 1 dollar and increase your bets in the following sequence: โ€”1โ€“1โ€“2โ€“3โ€“5โ€“8โ€“13โ€“21โ€“34โ€“55โ€“89โ€“144โ€“233โ€“377โ€“610.

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Paroli

Double your wagers each time you win and go back to initial bets in case of losses. You need to stop after 3 wins to prevent wagers from escalating too much.

๐ŸŽฒ Labouchere

You have to decide how much you want to win and separate this number into several smaller figures. For example, $10 can be 1-1-1-1-2-2-1-1. Cross out numbers from both sides each time you win. You will achieve your goal when there aren’t any figures left.

Even Money Bet
A stake which pays back the same sum that you wager.


๐Ÿ“ฑ Roulette on mobile

All the casinos we recommend have HTML5 websites, so there’s an opportunity to play online roulette on smartphones and tablets. If a mobile version of a site is not available by default, you have to manually choose by going to the main page bottom. There are the same features as on desktop websites. You can sign up, make deposits and withdraw your winnings. Roulette mobile games don’t have many differences, as well.

online roulette Australia

Having a mobile roulette app for Android and iOS is much more convenient, as you don’t have to use VPN and log in each time you want to play. However, some casinos might not have it. Contact customer support of a specific casino to find that out.


๐Ÿ“ Tips for playing roulette online

Online roulette for real money is based solely on luck. Fortunately, there are still some tips that can help you increase the chances of winning. Here are they:

  1. Make outside bets. They are more likely to be won.
  2. Learn about betting systems.
  3. Play European roulette online. It has a smaller house edge.
  4. Stick to your bankroll and don’t go over.
House Edge
A percentage of the expected player loss to the initial wager sum.

๐Ÿ’  How to deposit and start playing

It will take: 10 minutes

Playing real money roulette is impossible without a deposit. These 4 steps will help you make it.

Roulette casino Number of roulette games Minimum deposit Bonus Wagering Promo code
Casinonic 90+ $20 Up to $5000 x50 Not necessary
Play Amo 100+ $10 Up to $1500 x50 FIRSTDEP and SECONDDEP
Uptown Pokies 2 $20 Up to $8888 35x Not necessary
Red Dog Casino 3 $10 235% 35x bonus + deposit Not necessary
Ozwin 2 $10 Up to $4000 30x bonus + deposit OZWELCOME-B


โ“ Frequently asked questions

Most casinos provide clients with such an opportunity. The game will be the same, except for the fact that you cannot win real money. Some sites also offer no-deposit bonuses which you can spend on the roulette game.
American Roulette has the double-zero number on the wheel. There are fewer sections in the European wheel, so the odds of winnings are slightly higher. Payout rate remains the same in both variations. It's 35 to 1 for bets on a specific number.
If you choose a reliable casino, then your online roulette experience will be fair. The Random Number Generator (RNG) defines the outcome randomly so that no one can affect it. Read real player reviews to find out if a site is trustworthy.
Yes, players from Australia can play real money roulette legally. There are some restrictions concerning casino operators, not ordinary players. So, there won't be any negative consequences for you if you decide to try roulette.
Firstly, game variety is much more comprehensive when you play online roulette for real money. Secondly, you can win real money and withdraw it later. Thirdly, some games have jackpots, so there's an opportunity to get a life-changing some in a matter of a few seconds.
Yes, most casinos have a mobile version of the site so that you can open online casino roulette on any device. What's more, there are casino apps for Android and iOS, which are even more convenient. They are well-optimized and have all the features the official website has.
Roulette games are based solely on luck, but there are still a few options to make the game profitable. You have to use strategies, such as Martingale, Paroli and Labouchere. Keep track of your bankroll. European roulette has a smaller house edge, so stick to it. Don't forget that outside bets have higher chances of winning.
First of all, you need to choose a reliable casino. Sign up on the site after that. Make your first deposit and gather bonuses. Select an online roulette variation you'd like to try. The last step would be to choose a betting system and start playing.


๐Ÿ”ˆ Players reviews

  • SkorpiON_4iK SkorpiON_4iK

    The promotions on this site are great. I've got a big bonus for my first deposit and quickly wagered it. Customer support is average, but I don't contact it too often, so it's OK.


    My friends told me to try this casino, and I wasn't disappointed. There are American, French and European roulette games. It's a great option for those who are lucky enough.

  • Inkognito Inkognito

    I wasn't sure if this is a suitable casino for me, but hundreds of positive reviews convinced me. I like that there are so many payment options available, as I change them from time to time.


    I thought the site was perfect until I had troubles with withdrawals. I needed to pass verification. Luckily, I've managed to do it within a few days.

  • Mightdragon Mightdragon

    The greatest thing about this casino is a wide variety of games. There are a few thousands of them. The table games section is my favourite, as all roulette variations are available here.

  • AsinoUla AsinoUla

    Customer support works great here. I couldn't enter my account, and all I had to do was connect to the live chat and ask for help. It took just a few minutes.

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