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This article prepared by industry experts will help you learn everything about a popular casino game Sic Bo, its history, rules, payouts, tips and more.

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Despite being an ancient game, Sic Bo is increasing in popularity among the players of online casinos. Essentially, it is a game of chance in which players bet on a dice roll outcome. However, the table overlay and Sic Bo’s betting options are usually confusing for new players. In this article, we will shortly look at the history of the game, explain its rules and payouts, give some tips and instructions and have the frequently asked questions answered.

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📍 What is Sic Bo?

Being invented thousands of years ago, Sic Bo originates from China. The ancient game involved rolling three dice and predicting whether the sum of dice numbers rolled will be small or big. The original name translates as ‘precious dice’, while the alternative name Dai Siu means ‘big or small’. The game became popular in the Western world, but it took Sic Bo much time to reach other countries.

Sic Bo is a fascinating game; it was invented thousands of years ago and is still played almost the same way.

chief editor John Smith

If you look at the Sic Bo game’s online table, you will probably think that it is very different from what it used to be in ancient China. However, there are only two differences, both of which do not affect the gameplay’s essence. First of all, it is now played online instead of meeting in person. Also, when you play Sic Bo online, you have more betting options. Instead of predicting small or big, you can bet on odd or even specific doubles or triples and even specific dice combinations.


🎰 Sic Bo Game Rules

The general rules of the game are already explained above. You have to place bets, then the dice are rolled, and you either win or lose based on the outcome. As we have mentioned, when you play Sic Bo online, you have many betting options. Check out the table of betting options we have prepared to learn them all.

Sic Bo betting Explanation Probability Example Odds With No House Edge
Big Total score from 11 to 17, with the exception of triples. 48.5% 5,4,6 37 to 35
Small Total score from 4 to 10 with the exception of triples. 48.5% 2,1,5 37 to 35
Odd Total score is odd, with the exception of triples. 48.5% 2,2,5 37 to 35
Even Total score is even, with the exception of triples. 48.5% 3,4,5 37 to 35
Single dice A specific number will appear on one, two or three dice. Betting on 1,2 or three dice correspondingly: 35%, 7%, 0.5% Bet: 1 on one dice
Result: 4,6,1
Betting on 1,2 or three dice correspondingly: 1 to 1; 3 to 1; 5 to 1
Three dice total The specific number will be the total score of three dice. 1-12%, depending on the bet Bet: 10
Result: 4,2,2
Between 7 to 1 and 71 to 1, depending on the bet
Specific doubles The specific number will show on at least of the two dice. 7.5% Bet: 4
Result: 4,1,4
25 to 2
Specific triples The specific number will show on all the three dice 0.46% Bet: 4
Result: 4,4,4
215 to 1

As you could have guessed, the probabilities of rolling different dice combinations in the Sic Bo casino game are also different. As in any other casino entertainment, the lower the chances, the higher the payout. The players are allowed to make as many different bets for each dice roll as they want, which encourages them to use different strategies.


🎮 Sic Bo Payouts

As we have mentioned above, the payouts are different for different combinations. The probabilities and the odds with no house edge are stated in our table of combinations. Still, the Sic Bo online payouts differ between the casinos as they have different house edges. For instance, the real odds for rolling the big combination are 37 to 35, while at most casinos, they are 1 to 1, as the casinos take 2.78% as the house edge.

The bets and the payouts in the Sic Bo game are very similar to roulette. You have different betting options, and the ones with lower probability logically offer higher payout.

As well as the roulette, Sic Bo online allows the player to use different strategies. Some prefer to play safe and make big or small bets with lower payouts, while others take a risk and bet on specific dice combinations with the highest payouts. Each dice roll is independent of the previous one, allowing players to try different approaches and strategies.


💡 Tips for playing Sic Bo online

sic bo online

Despite there being no universal strategy for playing Sic Bo online, we have two essential tips for you to have a better start. First of all, pay attention to the house edge and choose the platform with the lowest one. In such a way, you will have better chances and better winnings. Another advice we have is to learn the combinations and the payouts to better understand your bets, the chances of winning and the number of winnings. Understanding this makes your choices and your bets more educated and helps you manage the expectations.

House Edge
The mathematical advantage a casino has over players. Essentially, it is a percentage of bets guaranteed to return to the casino over time.

The house edge may sound unfair as the casino takes a percentage from all the bets it receives, but it does not majorly affect a single Sic Bo online player’s gameplay. It is no secret that a casino always wins, but with the house edges in games like Sic Bo online, a player has to make around 100000 bets to have his best match the house edge.

Sic Bo online casino Benefit Licence Launch year Sic Bo Available Bonus
Casino Nic Promotions and tournaments Antillephone N.V. 2014 Yes 100%, up to $5000
King Johnnie High level of security Antillephone N.V. 2017 Yes 100%, up to $7000
Ozwin Casino Hundreds of pokies available Antillephone N.V. 2013 Yes 100%, up to $6000
Pokies Parlour More than 2,000 pokies Curacao eGaming License 2016 Yes 200%, up to $1000
Jackpot City Casino Many transaction methods, good reputation Curacao eGaming License 2010 Yes 150%, up to $1500
sic bo online casino

💠 How to start playing sic bo online for real money

It will take: 10 minutes

If you are already interested in playing SicBo, here is a short step by step guide on how to start making real money bets.


❓ Frequently asked questions

It is a mechanic used by online casinos to make their house edges. It allows them to have 1:1 odds for big and small bets, while the 2 outcomes excluded grant the 2.78% house edge for the casino to remain profitable.
The house edge is a mechanic that allows the casino to remain profitable and does not significantly affect a single player's experience. We think it is fair in most cases as some casinos have hidden mechanics of making them profitable instead, which is unfair to every player.
The game is popular for several reasons. First of all, it is rather easy to learn as you only have to get familiar with the betting options, while the dice roll concept is familiar to everyone. The second main reason is that it is rather easy for online casinos to offer Sic Bo. It does not necessarily need a 'dealer'. Everything may be done by computer. To diversify their game lineup, the casinos started offering Sic Bo, and people liked the game.
We get that question a lot about almost every casino game that allows you to implement different strategies. Unfortunately, there is no 100% win strategy for any casino game, as in such a case, there would be no reason for the casino to offer such a game. All the strategies are used to increase the likelihood of winning and make more conscious choices.
In most cases, it is only one of the games offered by a gambling website, and there are no specific promotions for playing this game. However, there are some Sic Bo exclusive websites, and there might be SicBo-related events or temporary promotions in popular casinos.
It depends on what is meant by 'the best'. The highest chance of winning is with the big, small, even or odd combinations, but they also have the lowest payouts. The specific triples combination offers the highest payout, but the probability of winning is correspondingly the lowest.
It depends on your approach. After all, SicBo is a game of chance. Playing safe will extend your playtime and make the process slow and steady; while the risky approach will most likely result in a loss, but there will be a chance of winning big in the short-term.


🔈 Players reviews

  • MiniDit MiniDit

    I like this game; it is far more entertaining than craps or roulette. It is hard to manage bets IRL, but it is perfect for an online casino.

  • Frexity Frexity

    I have recently discovered this game and can't stop playing it. It's confusing when you look at it for the first time, but it is really simple once you start.


    It is the roulette in a different wrapper, but I like it more as it is easier to learn and offers more betting options with high payouts.


    Much better than a slot machine or roulette. It is just easier to immerse as you can easily imagine the dice rolling.


    I didn't like this online game at first, as I tried a bad edition. I recently tried a good one with a good interface and attractive visuals, and now I understand why everyone loves it.

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