Free Spins India 2023

Heard about free spins at online casinos? With this article you will enhance your knowledge and discover every single aspect of getting and using them.

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Free spins casinos India
For many players, casino free spins are the most desired type of bonus. Unlike deposit bonuses, it does not directly depend on the sum you cash-in and sometimes is even offered without making a deposit. Today we will discuss the feature from all the possible aspects, including types of free spins, their benefits and conditions for using them, as well as present some tips to get the most value from this type of bonus.

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  • Software: NetEnt, Play'n GO, Quickspin & 3 etc.
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AU$ 150 up to 125% free
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Bizzo Casino 4
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AU$ 250 up to 100% free
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wager: 40
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  • Software: Betsoft, Playson, Booongo & 39 etc.
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Gun's Bet 5
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AU$ 500 up to 100% free
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📍 What are free spins and how they work

Let us start with the basics and explain the general idea of the bonus. As their name implies, casino free spins are the rounds at online slot machines that you play for free. This means you won’t have to spend the coins, but still will be eligible to win them, so it is different from playing a demo version. They are typically awarded for a specific game and are of a specific value, in order to correctly determine the winnings. The bet amount for these spins is usually not that high, but it is typically compensated by the number of spins you get.

Free spins
bonus rounds at online slot machines that do not require you to make a bet with coins.

In most cases, to provide the free spins, a casino offers a corresponding promotion. To activate it, you are usually required to make a deposit for a fixed amount of cash. For example, a casino may issue a promotion that grants a 50 free spins bonus for making a deposit of $50 and higher. Once making such a deposit, you may start using the spins right away, no additional steps are required


🎮 How we review Indian online casinos with free spins

Once we have dealt with the basics, you are almost set to start playing. The only thing you need to know is how to choose the casino to play at. We, as a team of professional reviewers, have several important criteria to assess, in order to determine whether the place is worth your time or not. We will explain each criteria in detail, so that you will be able to find a decent place yourself.

♠ License and reputation

Casinos that operate without a legally issued license are considered unworthy and unreliable. After ensuring the casino operates legally, a good idea is to check its reputation by reading players’ reviews on independent platforms.

🔐 Security

A good place should care about the security of their players. The personal information should be encrypted and all the transactions should be processed only through authorized platforms.


Promotions should be generous and have no pitfalls. We carefully read the terms and conditions, discover limits and wagering requirements and compare the results with other offers available on the market.

🌟 Games

The collection of games should be diverse. In case you will become a long-term player, there should be plenty of games for you to enjoy later. The software providers are also an important parameter to analyze: they develop the games and, therefore, have a direct impact on the quality of your experience.

⭐ VIP or loyalty

A casino typically offers one of those to encourage the players to go for the long-term. We assess the rewards and compare with loyalty prizes from other casinos to determine whether the offer is competitive or not.

💰 Banking

The banking system should be diverse and have comfortable terms and limits. There should be many payment options and it should be easy to deposit and withdraw. The procedure should also be as transparent for the user as possible.

📲 Mobile compatibility

The best place would have both the app and the browser version. However, having one of those with a high level of quality is enough. We check out the optimization, test the service on different devices to evaluate the performance.

Getting a free spins bonus is always good, especially if it is a no deposit promotion.

chief editor John Smith


🎲 Types of free spins in India

As you could have already guessed, there are several types of free spins Indian casinos are ready to offer. They basically differ from one another by the method used to obtain them, but we will elaborate on each of them in detail. Note that a single casino will not likely offer all of them, but having at least two ways to grab the spins would be nice already.
Free spins casino bonus India

🃏 No deposit free spins

First of all, there are no deposit spins. As their name implies, you don’t have to perform a transaction in order to get them. Such promotions are quite rare at casinos as they don’t grant them a profit unlike deposit bonuses. But sometimes the sites offer no deposit spins to attract new players or to celebrate something local. In case your casino does not currently offer such a promo, we suggest subscribing to their newsfeed, in order not to miss it when they do.

🥇 Deposit free spins

A deposit free spin bonus is perhaps the most common type. Logically, you have to make a cash-in, in order to get the spins, just like in the example we have provided in the previous section. In case you are planning to activate such a promotion, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully: learn the wagers and the value of each spin, then decide whether it is worthy or not.

📝 Reload

Reload bonuses are the recurring promotions you may activate multiple times over a specific period of time. They are most commonly weekly, but may also be daily or monthly. In all the other terms they are the same as deposit bonuses. As you may use them multiple times, the amount of bonus is typically lower than with one-time promotions.

🎥 Loyalty programs

Another way to get a free spin bonus is to use the loyalty program or the VIP club of the place. Some casinos have such programs layered and give out rewards for reaching a new level. As you could have guessed, the rewards may include free spins among other stuff.

There are lots of ways to get a free spin pack today, each casino typically offers several options. However, finding the most valuable offer may be tricky and requires you to perform some research.


💡 Benefits of free spins

Some of the free spin benefits might be obvious, but we will try to analyze this type of bonuses a little bit deeper. Or, in case you’re new to the industry, it would be useful for you to know all the benefits you get with such spins. We will list all of the advantages and have a small description for each.

  • Free value. Obviously, by getting a free spins casino bonus, you get some free value. The final value would depend on your luck with the spins, but it is still free.
  • Risk-free. Even in case you won’t be lucky enough to win anything with the spins, you won’t lose a penny either. It will either bring you some free value or save from losing the real bets you would make without the bonus.
  • Low wagers. This one strongly depends on the casino and sometimes on the type of the promotions. Sometimes, the casinos put high wagers for the spins to limit the total winnings of their players. However, in other cases, for example, the loyalty rewards, the wagers are much lower than with other bonuses or there even are no wagers.
  • Low requirements. With deposit free spins casino bonuses, you don’t usually have to cash-in a large sum. The activation limits are low, while the number of free spins may be high. Typically, the total value of the spins you get will be equal to the deposit you made, doubling the actual value on your account.
Wagering requirements/Wagers
the total value of bets you have to make in order to become eligible for a withdrawal. With free spins the multiplier is applied to the amount of winnings.


In most cases, it is only up to the casino to decide, for which games to offer the spins. The availability of the feature itself for a specific game is determined by the software provider, so if the casino offers such a promotion, they theoretically may choose any other game of the same provider. However, there are some outstanding games that have become popular and are frequently chosen by the casinos for such promos. The top five of them are:

  1. Mega Moolah by Microgaming.
  2. Tic Tac Temple by IGT.
  3. The Cash Bandit by RTG.
  4. Starburst by NetEnt.
  5. Goblin’s Cave by Playtech.


💸 Tips how to make the most out of free spins

It might be surprising, but getting the value from the spins is not as simple as just using them. We have several tips for making the most out of a specific promotion and we would be pleased to know they turned out to be helpful for you. Below we will list each tip we got with a short description for you to follow them easier.

  • Check the wagers. Sometimes, it is better not to activate a promotion with free spins and choose another one instead. Make sure to acknowledge the wagers before activating the promo.
  • Check the value. Don’t forget to look at the value of each free spin as well. For a $50 cash-in, it would be more beneficial to use a 100% deposit bonus rather than get 50 free spins of $0.50 value each.
  • Choose the right game. In case you have an option to choose the game for your free spins or you’re choosing between several promos for different slots, learn the games before making a choice. Compare the RTPs, check the additional in-game mechanics and make an informed decision.
  • Trust your intuition. In case you feel you are about to get a good spin, switch from free spins to a real money bet for several rounds. In case your intuition turns out to be right, you will be able to win more.
  • Use after a win streak. The reverse of the previous tip. In case you are getting too lucky and feel that you’re about to lose several times in a row, using free spins would be a great way to reduce your losses.

The terms and conditions are essential with any promotion. Always read them beforehand even if you trust the place: in such a way you will make an informed decision on activating it or not.


🌟 Free spins terms and conditions

We have mentioned some of the terms and conditions along the article as well as their importance for free spin promotions and now it is the time to cover the topic fully. Below we will list all the main terms and conditions and offer a detailed description as some of the terms may be hard for understanding, especially for new players.
get casino free spins India

💶 Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are perhaps the hardest concept for newbies, which some casinos use a lot in their favor. A new player simply does not understand what an x100 wagering requirement means, activates the promotion and, of course, fails to complete the requirement. These requirements are the total sum you have to bet, in order to become eligible for a withdrawal. With free spins they are applied to the sum of winnings. For example, if you win $10 from free spins with an x40 wager, you will have to bet $400 in total to withdraw. Note that this is the total sum of bets, not just the ones you lose, so it is easily achievable with small bets.

♣️ Rollover

Rollover is almost the same as wagering requirements, but is a fixed value and works in reverse. It is the sum of bets you have to make before you may receive the bonus. This is quite a rare type of promos, but we will still provide an example just in case. A 50 free spin promo with a $100 rollover, will require you to make bets for the sum of $100, after which you will get the free spins. Unlike with wagering requirements, you will be able to cash-out instantly.

a withdrawal from the casino account balance.

🕹️ Expiry

Not being able to cash-out before completing the requirements is not even the worst that may happen to a player who didn’t read the conditions attentively. All the free spins have an expiry date, just like the milk in your fridge. Except for the spoiled milk does not disappear from your fringe automatically. Free spins do.


📱 Free spins at mobile casinos

The mobile casinos may also offer free spin promotions, just as the desktop ones do. There is no difference at all, so the advice we gave for normal free spins are applicable to mobile as well. In general, the free spins are currently less popular exclusively on mobile as less casinos provide downloadable apps with new features. In most cases, you even play at the same site of the casino on mobile, so everything logically remains the same.

Another good thing about free spins is that you can easily get and utilize them on any platform. You may even acquire them on your PC and then play them through on mobile.

💠 How to get a free spins bonus?

It will take: 10 minutes

In order for our readers to have a smoother start with such promos, we have prepared this short guide.



Not exactly. The name implies that you don’t have to pay for the spins inside the slot machine, but in order to get them, you will still have to make a deposit in most cases. Technically they remain free, but no deposit bonuses are quite rare.
Yes, the whole idea of these promotions is to let you spin the real version of the slot machine (not the demo), allowing you to win the same as you would with real money bets. Note that the amount of winnings depends on the value of the spins you get.
At most casinos, the game is pre-determined by the site for each specific promotion. So you don’t get to choose the game and instead have to decide whether you want to activate the promo or not, taking into account the game offered.
You can find the expiry period in the terms and conditions for the specific promotion you are interested in. Don’t forget to check the wagering requirements and rollover as well.
Short answer: look for promos with multiple activations and compare the terms and conditions. For more detailed tips, feel free to check out the corresponding section of this article.
Yes, if your casino has a free spin promotion, a mobile version and the game with free spins is available on mobile. In such a case, you may activate the promotion and use it on your smartphone.


🔈 Players reviews


    I love FS, but at my casino they have some insane wagers, so I can’t complete them without losing more than I got from them.

  • Mightdragon Mightdragon

    Respect the multiple tips to read the terms and conditions. I was a newbie once and they got me the same way you describe: I didn’t check the terms and stumbled upon not being able to withdraw.

  • SkorpiON_4iK SkorpiON_4iK

    Of all the types I like the loyalty ones the most. They are typically not a bait to lure you in and scam you with requirements, but a reward for your activity that comes with no wager.


    I had some spins once as a welcome bonus and I don’t recall the requirements you’re talking about. I was quite lucky though and multiplied the winnings from FS several times, so maybe I completed them accidentally.

  • Liokoln Liokoln

    Thanks for such a detailed article! I already knew most of it, but I suppose it would be great for newbies, especially the requirement explanations

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