Online Craps India 2023

From this article, you will discover every aspect of online craps gambling in India. We’ve provided some tips on finding a good place, reviewed the types of bets and introduced several popular betting strategies.

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online craps India
In India, playing craps online is becoming more and more popular every year. However, it’s hard to say new gamblers always have a smooth start. They face a set of challenges, starting with finding a decent place to gamble at and ending with mastering the strategies of this table game. In this article, we will do our best to properly introduce you to the game. We will give some tips on finding a decent craps casino, describe the basic rules, elaborate on the types of bets and cover the most popular strategies.

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🔥 Best Online Casinos updated: 31 Mar 2023 12:44:27

📍 How we find best Indian craps casinos

Finding a good craps casino is probably the main obstacle on the way of new players who are not familiar with gambling. Experienced users already know that there are lots of aspects you have to take into account. As a team of professional casino reviewers, we will give some tips on choosing a good site below. We will elaborate on each important criterion and highlight the aspects you should pay special attention to.

🥇 License

Before you even begin to analyse the casino’s features, you should learn its background first. The most important aspect here is the license: the site should operate legally under a license issued by an official authority.

⭐ Reputation

The second step of checking the background requires you to visit several independent platforms and read some players’ reviews. It will immediately let you know whether the site is fair to its users.

📞 Security

The last thing to check before moving to the features is security. All real money casinos gather personal data, so it is crucial to know it is encrypted properly. The site should also use the latest SSL protocols to transfer the data. Otherwise, you have a large risk of exposing your personal information.

🎰 Games

Now that we have ensured the place is trusted and reliable, we can move on to the games. Even if you only want to play craps online, for now, we would still suggest checking the library. It should contain enough game types for you to entertain yourself when you decide to try something other than craps.

🎁 Bonuses

Promotions determine the amount of free value you will get playing at a casino. There are always welcome bonuses granting you free cash or free spins, but we would recommend paying special attention to the reload bonuses. They grant more value in the long run. Don’t forget to check out the wagering requirements too.

📲 Mobile optimization

The games should be available on mobile, and the interface of the casino should be comfortable to use on a pocket-sized screen. Even if you’re not planning to try mobile gambling right now, having such an option just in case can’t cause any harm.

📝 Support

Customer support service is a feature with a commonly underestimated importance. We strongly recommend learning how the support service works beforehand so that in case you have any issues, you can be sure they will be resolved.


🎮 How to play craps

Despite there being a common misconception, it is much easier to play craps online than a beginner might think. In fact, the rules are a bit similar to several classic casino games, but we will describe them so that even a completely inexperienced player will understand. The first thing to do would be to explain the general process of a single round. It goes as follows:

  1. The players make bets.
  2. The shooter rolls the dice.
  3. Depending on the outcome, the dice is either rolled again, or the round ends, and the winnings are calculated.
the person rolling the dice in craps.

We will get to the betting options in the following section, but now let us focus on the last point of the list we’ve just introduced. There are three possible outcomes the shooter may get from rolling the dice: natural, craps and point. Natural is a result of 7 or 11, and it implies the shooter winning and getting to roll again. Craps is a result of rolling 2, 3 or 12, which implies you losing, but getting to roll again too. Point is the result of rolling any other sum. In case you got the point, you need to roll the dice again and hit the same number.


💡 Types of bets

Now that we have dealt with the dice outcomes, it will be easier to understand the betting options. Betting in this game is very similar to betting in roulette: you also have a table with a specific layout, where each section is responsible for a different kind of bet. In different craps online versions, the layout may be different, but we will cover the main types of bets below.

🌟 Line bets

These bets are also known as “Pass or Don’t Pass” bets. These are the very basic options implying a prediction on whether the shooter will win or lose. Pass Line bet is a prediction of the shooter winning. As you already know from the previous section, the shooter wins if he or she rolls a natural or wins the point. Logically, the Don’t Pass bet implies the shooter will lose.

📜 Single-roll bets

As their name implies, single-roll bets are the ones you can bet on any roll. They are also known as Proposition Bets and include the following bet types: Any Seven, Any Craps, Any Deuce, Axes, Boxcars and Horn bets. Basically, each of these bets is responsible for specific combinations rolled out by the shooter. The most popular table layout will have images of the dice, so you won’t get lost. The only exception is Any Craps that is typically not supported visually, so you should know it implies betting on 2, 3 or 12. Note that different single-roll bets have different odds.

🔐 Multi-roll bets

As an opposite to the previous ones, these bets are calculated after several rolls instead of one. Most of the betting options in this category imply predicting that a specific combination will roll out before seven. Hard way, easy way, big six, big eight, place / buy and lay bets are forming this category. Easy way bet is a prediction that the shooter will roll 4, 6, 8 or 10 before rolling seven. Hard way is the same, but the combination has to be a pair. Big six and eight bets are predictions that six or eight will be rolled before seven. Place / buy bets are the same, but you get to choose the number you bet on. Lay bet is the opposite, meaning you’re wagering that a seven will be rolled before the selected number.

🚀 Multi Different Bets

Just like in roulette, players can make multiple bets for each round. You may bet on an easy way and on a pass simultaneously, for example. If you’re new to playing craps online, we would recommend starting with simple bets for one outcome. Players with small experience frequently make multi-different bets without having a complete understanding of their chances to win.

🃏 Working and Not Working Bets

A working bet is a subcategory of multi-roll bets. Some of the multi-roll bets will bring you winnings several dice throws in a row, which is why they are called “working”. For example, if you wager a place or a buy bet, it will bring winnings until the deciding outcome happens, no matter how many dice throws it takes.
play craps online India


🎲 Playing craps for free vs for real money

Now that you have discovered the most important facts about playing craps online, you’re likely considering starting playing yourself. However, at this point, you have to choose whether you prefer playing for free or making real money wagers. In this section, we will elaborate on the advantages and drawbacks of these two options. For the comfort of our readers, the information is presented in the form of lists below.

👍 Free play advantages

  • ✔️ No risks. When you don’t make real money wagers, you don’t risk losing them.
  • ✔️ Free play is a great option to gain experience and practice before wagering real funds.
  • ✔️ You can experiment with different strategies without having to invest in them.
  • ✔️ You can try different editions of craps before making any deposits.
  • ✔️ There is no need in creating a casino account, filling out the forms and verifying your identity.

👎 Free play disadvantages

  • ❌ You cannot win real money from playing free versions.
  • ❌ You don’t get the same experience if you have infinite credits.
  • ❌ You cannot play live games for free as they all require making real money wagers.

Each option of playing has both its own benefits and drawbacks. We would suggest practising in a free version first and then trying to play craps online with real funds.

👍 Real money play advantages

  • ✔️ You have a chance to win real money.
  • ✔️ Many players consider real money play more entertaining.
  • ✔️ You will be able to play live dealer editions of the game.
  • ✔️ You will be able to benefit from promotions or loyalty programs and participate in tournaments.

👎 Real money play disadvantages

  • ❌ Risks of losing your money, especially if you’re an inexperienced player.
  • ❌ It is a game of chance, so being an experienced gambler does not guarantee you anything.
  • ❌ You’ll have to pass through the process of selecting an Indian craps casino and registering there.

Indian sites to play craps


💳 Online craps odds

Payout odds in any craps online casino will be lower than the actual chance of the specific outcome happening: this is how the casino forms its house edge. The odds vary for different kinds of bets, but we will try to mention the most popular ones. For Pass and Don’t Pass bets, the payout odds are typically 1 to 1. For buy bets, the odds vary from 2:1 to 5:6, depending on the numbers selected. Place bets payouts vary between 9:5 and 7:6, depending on the numbers.

House edge
the mathematical advantage of the casino over the players.

The highest payouts and the highest house edges are related to Hard ways and some single-roll bets. For hard ways, the payout odds are 9:1 and 7:1. The most-paying bets are 2 Craps and 12 Craps: they may multiply your winnings on 30. Please note that these values may significantly vary between different gambling sites, so we suggest checking them out at your place.

With the increasing popularity of mobile gambling, it is quite obvious that you can play craps online on the go. The features are exactly the same as in desktop versions: wagers, odds and betting limits do not vary between the platforms.


📱 Playing craps on mobile

Almost every craps casino has a mobile version nowadays. In most cases, it is a browser edition that runs smoothly on almost every device that supports HTML. You can play the famous table game on Android and iOS devices, on smartphones and tablets, on the go or at home. There are almost no limits to playing the game on mobile as it has the same features as the desktop versions.

Whether you’re playing on mobile or on a desktop, you can use some strategies to increase your chances. Craps are a game of chance, so there are no guaranteed wins, but some approaches are developed based on statistics and grant you a better performance.


🔔 Bets strategies

If you want to maximize your winnings at a craps online casino, you have to follow a strategy. It won’t guarantee you persistent victories, but it will improve your chances nonetheless. Moreover, playing according to a strategy is a good psychological block on making emotional bets. Below we will present a brief overview of popular betting strategies to introduce them to you.

  • Don’t pass strategy. This is a beginner strategy that requires the player to double the sum every time a bet is lost. Don’t Pass bets are a perfect choice here as they have 1:1 odds and feature one of the lowest house edges.
  • Press and Pull. This strategy involves making a Place bet and grabbing the profits after it wins four times. It is a good strategy for the players with small bankrolls.
  • 6/8 strategy. According to this strategy, you have to wager Press bets on six or eight and pull the profits right after the outcome happens. In case the bet is lost, the same bet is made again with an increased wager amount.
  • 3 Point Molly. This is the only advanced strategy we’re going to review today as it is a guide for beginners. This strategy involves making multiple bets. The first one is a Pass bet on 7 or 11. Once the point is set, the player bets on point and places Come bet as well. In case another point is set, you move your Come bet to the next point. Then, you add the third number according to the dice roll, if it is not the number you have already made a bet on.
the amount of cash the player has available for betting.

💠 How to win real money playing craps online?

It will take: 10 minutes

To start winning real money at a craps online casino, feel free to follow this short guide below.



No, it is, in fact, a very intuitive game. It is just a bit overfilled with the terms. In its essence, you simply bet on different dice roll outcomes, which is obviously not very hard.
It depends on your intentions and on your preferences. If you just want to have some fun, there is no need in investing in it: just enjoy it for free. If your aim is to win big, then your option would be to find a casino, make a deposit and play there. However, we strongly recommend aspiring gamblers to practice in the free versions before making real money wagers.
Yes, there are hundreds of craps editions available on mobile. There are many downloadable apps for Android and iOS, and there are even more browser versions that would run on almost any device with HTML support.
It depends on how much you’re betting and on which odds. Typically, the maximum betting limits are very high, but you have to keep in mind the withdrawal limits of the casino you’re playing at. Some places allow withdrawing up to $50,000 per month.
Yes, many online casinos accept cryptocurrencies as deposit methods and allow crypto-withdrawals. Moreover, the maximum limits are frequently higher for cryptocurrencies than for the other methods.
Casinos simply have lowered odds. For example, the true odds for a Pass line bet are 251 to 244, while the casino pays 1:1. The difference between these numbers is called “House Edge”, and it is even higher with some other betting options.


🔈 Players reviews

  • dRinger dRinger

    Great to see this game getting more popular in our casinos. It is really interesting, and I can easily recommend it to any gambler.

  • LeviafarM LeviafarM

    It’s easy to learn if you’ve ever played roulette. It is the same in the essence, but you bet on outcomes of different objects rolled.

  • LinaGel LinaGel

    Yeah, the house edge feels a bit unfair. I would prefer just to have a commission on my winnings, even if the value would be the same.

  • RvilleMa RvilleMa

    Live dealer craps are quite a rare thing, but if you’re only at the stage of choosing a casino, I really recommend looking for one with live. It’s a completely different experience and you won’t regret it.


    I only play on mobile and it may be challenging to find a version that would work well. Slots work perfectly everywhere, but table games have some issues.

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