Online Teen Patti India 2023

After reading this article you will learn all about Teen Patti, an Indian card game. We will cover the rules, explain the sequences, compare real money betting with free play and more

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Teen Patti casinos
The development of online casinos and their increasing popularity in India has definitely contributed to making Teen Patti a worldwide-known card game. But don’t worry if you haven’t heard about it yet: we will introduce the game properly. We will also cover the most important aspects of playing it at online casinos, compare real money betting to free play, elaborate on mobile optimization and more, so stay tuned and get ready to learn everything about the online Teen Patti games.

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🔥 Best Online Casinos updated: 05 Feb 2023 19:08:29

📍 What makes the best teen patti online casinos in India

We know that many of our readers prefer to test the games themselves, so we will start with some tips to choose a decent casino, instead of elaborating on the Teen Patti cash game right away. Our main advice is to filter several gambling sites and then choose the best one of them: in such a way you will be sure you got the maximum value. To do so, check out our main criterias below.

🔐 License and reputation

As we have just said, the best way is to filter some good casinos first, so the first criterias will be oriented towards blacklisting unworthy places. The first thing to look at is the license of the Teen Patti casino: it should be official and issued by a corresponding authority. Then goes the reputation: a good idea would be to read players’ reviews.

👑 Security

The second filter is the level of security, both regarding the personal information of the players and the transactions. Make sure the site uses the latest security protocols and encrypts the data properly. Another good idea would be to search for any data breaches related to a specific casino.

♠ Banking

The last must-have feature is a comfortable banking system. Check the accepted deposit and withdrawal options and make sure your favorite one is on the list. Don’t forget to learn the min and max limits for transactions as well.

⭐ Promotions

Now that you have filtered several sites, it’s time to compare them. The promos are the most obvious criteria: you simply analyze the bonuses and mark the place that is giving out the most value. Don’t forget to read the bonus terms and compare the wagers too.

🃏 Long-term value

This includes VIP clubs and loyalty programs: check the rules and the rewards for loyalty, then estimate which of the places will be the most beneficial in the long-term.

📞 Support

Discover the methods available for contacting the support team and make sure you will be able to easily contact them in case something goes wrong. A good casino should also have a comprehensive FAQ section to eliminate the need of contacting them with a popular issue.

The game deserves even more popularity than it already has: it is entertaining and rewarding.

chief editor John Smith


🎮 How to play the game

The rules of the online game Teen Patti will be very easy to learn for poker players. It is basically a poker with hands of three cards and no cards on table, but with some additional features. The main unique rule is that the gamblers may choose either to play blinded, without seeing their cards, or not. The players, who have decided to look at their cards, in most cases have to make double bets. The betting goes on until there are two players left and the one with a better combination wins.


🎲 Teen Patti sequences

The sequences in online Teen Patti are also very similar to poker. They are basically the same combinations, but made of three cards in hand. Even the principle of determining the winner in case of a draw outcome is similar: the player with higher cards in the same sequence wins. But don’t worry if you are not familiar with poker as we will explain the main combinations below. We will also move from weakest to strongest, so keep that in mind as well.

  • High card. If the player does not have any of the combinations presented below, his highest ranked card is considered his sequence. For example, a player that has a queen wins over a player that has a ten.
  • As the name implies, it is a pair of cards of the same face value. Therefore, a player that has a pair of tens wins the one who only has an ace as their high card.
  • This is the first combination that involves three cards. Flush is when all the cards are of the same color, for example, a hand with a ten, a queen and an ace all of spades is a flush.
  • This combination requires your three cards to make a sequence. For example, nine, ten and a jack is a straight, no matter which colors do the cards have.
  • Straight flush. As the name implies, it is a combination of both a straight and a flush: your hand should form a sequence of one color.
  • Set is the strongest combination in Teen Patti online and it requires you to have three cards of the same face value.

play Teen Patti online


💡 Live dealer Teen Patti

With the development of technologies it is now possible to play Teen Patti online at live casinos. Live games imply connecting to a video live stream, where you can see and interact with a human dealer in real time. This provides a much more entertaining and authentic casino experience, so if you haven’t yet tried live games, we recommend trying it at least once. The rules at most of the live rooms of Teen Patti will be the same: you will make antes, play blind or seen and have turns just as you would in an offline session.

a forced bet in Teen Patti, an analogue of blind bets in poker.


🎰 Game variations

As any popular card game, online Teen Patti has a lot of variations. Some of them only have small modifications for the original rules of the game, while others provide a completely fresh experience. We won’t be mentioning all the popular variations, though we will list several ones that we consider interesting: it will give you a better perspective on the diversity of the variations available.

  • This variation is very similar to the original game, though here the players don’t have the option to play blind. Instead, they are dealt four cards and have to discard one of them.
  • King Little. In this variation you can get jokers, the wild cards that may be used to complete a combination. According to the rules of King Little, all the kings are jokers and the lowest card in the hand of each player is a joker as well.
  • 3-2-1. Each round in this variation consists of three mini-rounds. At the beginning of the round, players are dealt with six cards and have to split them into three hands: thee, two and one card correspondingly. Then, they play three mini-rounds with each hand. The first mini-round is played according to the original rules of online game Teen Patti, while for the second round only pairs and high cards are considered.


💸 Teen Patti real money play vs free play

As always, you can either play Teen Patti online for fun or for real money. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, so we would like to compare them in detail. It would be especially useful for those, who are not yet sure whether they want to bet at this game or not. For the comfort of our readers, we will present the information in four corresponding lists.

👍 Real money game pros

✔️ You can win cash prizes for your successful real money bets.

✔️ Live dealer games are only available for real money play.

✔️ You will have an option to use promotions and grab additional value for free.

✔️ Playing with real money also allows you to join VIP clubs and loyalty programs.

👎 Real money game cons

❌ The registration procedure is more complicated than with free play.

❌ There are risks of losing your funds.

Both of the playing options have their benefits and drawbacks. Moreover, the experience is completely different. We suggest trying both of them and deciding which one suits you better.

👍 Free game pros

✔️ There is no risk of losing money, you can relax and play for fun.

✔️ At most of the places, there either is no sign up procedure, or it is much simpler than with real money bets.

✔️ It is easier to play Teen Patti online with your friends for free than with real money.

👎 Free game cons

❌ There are no cash prizes and winnings.

❌ You won’t have an option to get value from casino-exclusive features, such as promotions and VIP clubs.


📱 Playing Teen Patti on mobile

Almost every Teen Patti casino offers an opportunity to play on mobile. Most gambling websites have decent mobile versions with comfortable interfaces. The games themselves are usually well optimized for mobile, don’t require much data and don’t drain the battery too much. The optimization of games is a result of the amazing progress the software providers have made over the past years, so we would also like to give them special attention.
Teen Patti online casinos


🎁 Teen Patti games providers

The software providers are the companies that are partners of a Teen Patti casino: they develop and maintain the games. There are dozens of companies that provide this card game to the gambling sites, but we would like to mentioned the most famous ones:

  • This is a popular casino software developer that is present in 46 countries around the world. They don’t have thousands of games in their collections, but each project they make is unique and sinks into the mind.
  • This is quite a small provider, but they have interesting projects in their library as well. Most importantly, they have a live dealer version of Teen Patti online and their room is quite popular at online casinos.
  • AIS Technolabs. This is one of the largest IT companies in India and they provide the famous card game to online casinos as well. In fact, this is a software provider we have enjoyed the most, while testing different Teen Patti variations: playing chaal or blinded mechanics were realized in a great way.
a term for playing “seen” in Teen Patti card game.


🏹 Teen Patti online casinos banking

No matter how you are going to play, seen or blinded, an important aspect of any Teen Patti casino is its banking system. Across the gambling sites, lots of payment methods are accepted. We will present the most popular ones in the list below.

  1. Credit or debit cards.
  2. E-wallets.
  3. Prepaid cards.
  4. Wire transfers.
  5. Cryptocurrencies.

Playing for real money is not really that hard. You simply have to complete a comprehensive registration procedure, read terms and conditions and get familiar with the banking system.

💠 How to start playing Teen Patti online for real money?

It will take: 10 minutes

In order for our readers to have a smoother start, we have prepared a short guide in a step-by-step form.



The turns are usually made clockwise. The initial amount of bets is fixed, but the players have to constantly raise it until most of them fold. Therefore, you make bets every time it is your turn.
You should find an online casino that offers Teen Patti, deposit and start playing. In most cases you will have to create an account and have an e-wallet or a debit card to make a transaction.
Yes, the game is available on mobile, but the optimization depends on the software provider behind the specific edition you’re playing.
Yes, you can win real money by playing Teen Patti, but you will also have to make real money bets.
Yes, there are many live dealer rooms, where you can play the famous card game. Note that live dealer games are cash-only as the casinos have to pay the wages of the dealers.
There are many places that accept cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you can typically deposit with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others.


🔈 Players reviews

  • I’m kinda new to the online casinos and haven’t heard they offer teen patti. My place does not have one, so I guess I’ll try to find a site with this game.

  • RvilleMa RvilleMa

    Thanks for explaining the rules! I used to play Texas Hold’em, so it should be easy to start.

  • Flekss Flekss

    Wow, I never heard about this game and it looks interesting. Guess I’ll invite some friends to come over and we will try it offline first.

  • Lotos Lotos

    Didn’t expect to see Teen Patti here. It’s one of my favorite games and I’m glad to see it becoming more and more popular.

  • HeshTeg HeshTeg

    Tried it once with my friends and it was quite fun. Though, I never heard you can play it at casinos for money. Sounds like a good idea, now I’m even surprised there are not so many rooms yet.

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