Bitcoin Casinos India 2022

After reading this article you will know everything about a Bitcoin online casino: it’s benefits and drawbacks, security of using cryptocurrencies, games available at such places and more.

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Bitcoin casinos India
With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is no wonder that gambling sites started accepting it. While many gamblers in the US and Europe have already found their favorite Bitcoin casino, India is only starting to adopt the trend. Today we will review such sites in detail, covering the main aspects of playing there. We will list pros and cons, explain the legal situation behind crypto gambling, review games and bonuses available at such places and more. Stay tuned to become a Bitcoin casino expert yourself.

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📍 How we rate bitcoin online casinos in India

We know that many of our users are already eager to start playing, so let us start with a list of must-know tips. For our new users we shall note that we are a team of experts that professionally reviews online casinos and here we would like to suggest some important advice on choosing and evaluating the quality of a casino. We will list several criterias you can use to find the best Bitcoin casino and explain them in detail.

🥇 License

First of all, you have to check that the Bitcoin casino has a legal license. It is extremely important to confirm that the site operates legally and you can rely on their terms and conditions. Otherwise, playing at such a place is not safe.

🕹️ Games

You come to a casino to play, so check out the game collection they have. A decent place should have games of different genres, types and styles. For example, there should be slots, table games, specialty games, video poker and other projects for you to enjoy.

🃏 Bonuses

Casinos compete for the players by offering generous promotions and lots of free stuff to new and existing users. Take a look at the promotions section and learn the sum of the welcome bonus you can get. Then, analyze other bonuses, especially the ones with multiple activations: they provide more value over time. Don’t forget to read the bonus terms as well.

📞 Security

This point concerns both the personal information and the security of transactions. Make sure the casino encrypts the user data and uses the latest SSL protocols to transfer it. Then move on to the banking page and learn how the transactions are processed. A decent place would only authorize payments through trusted and well-protected platforms.

📲 Mobile Optimization

Option to play on the go is a nice thing to have, whether or not you are currently planning to play on mobile. A good casino will provide a mobile web version of high quality with interface and performance optimization. Some sites even have their own mobile apps you can download, but the best Bitcoin casino would, of course, offer both the options.

Using Bitcoin at online casinos is comfortable, while having almost no drawbacks.

chief editor John Smith


🎮 Bitcoin gambling legality in India

The legality of BTC gambling in India is a tricky point to analyze. On one hand, digital currencies are prohibited in most regions of India as well as gambling is. On the other hand, there were no cases of people being arrested or fined for using Bitcoin. Moreover, despite there being no chance to license a Bitcoin casino in India, lots of international sites are happy to accept Indian players. Summing up, the legality of playing might be questionable, but it is safe as no one pursues people for it.


🎲 Bitcoin banking safety and security

The security at a typical Bitcoin online casino is at the same level as with other payment methods and sometimes is even better. The safety of blockchain transactions is unquestionable as they are processed on decentralized servers. However, there is a common misconception that BTC payments are absolutely anonymous. Well, they aren’t. With enough resources it is possible to discover the IP address of the wallet holder, so we suggest using VPN for crypto operations. However, in case you aren’t a major drug lord, nobody will likely want to investigate your operations with BTC.
Bitcoin casinos in India
Another aspect of a transaction with any method is the information that is passed along with the funds. In these terms, cryptocurrencies are almost as secure as prepaid cards. The receiver of the funds, the online Bitcoin casino in this case, will only know the amount and the time of the transaction as well as the number of your wallet. There is no database of phone numbers, names and home addresses that may be hacked or leaked, so your financial information is secure.


💡 Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin for gambling

Before depositing for your first buy-in, you should know the advantages and drawbacks of using cryptocurrencies at an online casino. To make things clearer and easier to understand, we have prepared two lists, where we briefly explained the benefits and the issues. To learn more details on each point, feel free to read the related section of the article.

the initial amount of chips, credits or coins at a casino that you need to start a game.

👍 Advantages

✔️ Low buy-in, minimum bet and minimum deposit amounts, making it comfortable for low-budget players.

✔️ Comfortable to use, if you already have a crypto wallet and know how to make the transactions

✔️ Instant payouts. At a decent Bitcoin casino, the withdrawals with BTC would be processed instantly.

✔️ High max limits. Max deposit and max withdrawal amounts are way higher than with other methods, at some places there is no limit at all.

✔️ No fees. Unlike wire transfers, BTC withdrawals are usually processed with no fees or additional charges.

👎 Disadvantages

❌ Hard to start. Setting up a wallet and making your first transactions might be complicated for some users.

❌ Other fees. For cashing-out BTC itself you will likely have to pay a fee on the exchange market.

Summing up, playing at a Bitcoin online casino has some major benefits over other transaction options, while not having any significant issues. It will take you some time to set up a wallet and learn how to use it, but it will be compensated for by the advantages you’ll get from using it.


🎁 Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals details

As with any other payment method, the details for withdrawal and deposit details strongly depend on the online Bitcoin casino you’re playing at. However, there are some average parameters we can use to compare it with other methods. For example, there are lots of places that provide instant BTC withdrawals with no fees and only a few sites that require some time for additional verification and charge a fee for processing a transaction.

If we compare BTC with other banking options, we’ll see that it is easily the best deal you can get. All the parameters are on the same level as with other best methods, while some of them are significantly better.

To be more specific, let us share some numbers. First of all, the average minimum deposit amount at a Bitcoin online casino is around 0.00006 BTC, while the minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC. Maximum deposits usually are either equal to 2 BTC or are not limited at all. Going all-in has never been that scary. Maximum withdrawals are usually 2 BTC, which is way higher than with other payment options. It is explained by the essence of the cryptocurrencies: the casino does not have to deal with a pile of documents and pay a fee to the licensing organization for the crypto operations.

a maximum bet the player can afford with their current funds.

Indian Bitcoin casinos


🎰 Games available at Bitcoin casinos India

Thankfully, it is not necessary to go all-in to have a good time. You can enjoy thousands of games with minimum bets not exceeding the amount of $0.5 (converted from BTC). In these terms, a Bitcoin casino has the same features as any other gambling site. The choice of currency accepted does not affect the games. At such places you can enjoy:

  1. slots;
  2. table games;
  3. video poker;
  4. progressive games;
  5. specialty games;
  6. live games;
  7. other games.

You will also be able to play the latest releases of the famous software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT and many others. Minimum bets are set on a comfortable level, so you won’t really feel the difference with using any other payment option here.


💰 Best bonuses at Bitcoin casinos

Just like with a typical game collection, a typical Bitcoin casino bonus is not different from a bonus at any other gambling site, at least in terms of the mechanics. The types of bonuses are the same, but the maximum amount of free value you can receive is usually higher than with other payment methods. Moreover, there are exclusive BTC promotions at some places that are unobtainable with other banking options. At such sites you will find the following types of promotions:

  • Welcome bonus. This is a very popular online casino Bitcoin deposit bonus that simply adds a certain percentage to the initial amount of your cash-in. The max limit for such promotions is around 2 BTC at some sites, which is a lot higher than with other options.
  • Reload bonus. This type of promotion implies an opportunity to activate it multiple times. These may be daily, weekly or monthly promos that offer lesser rewards than the welcome bonus, but can be way more beneficial in the long run.
  • Limited offers. Many casinos make time-limited promotions with various rewards starting with free spins and ending with deposit bonuses. The conditions and amounts vary depending on the place, but they are typically generous as well.
  • No deposit bonus. As the name implies, this Bitcoin casino bonus is given for free, without you having to make a deposit. However, the common pitfall of these promos are the wagering requirements: they’re set on a high level so that a smaller percentage of players will manage to complete them.

The promotions at BTC casinos are typically more beneficial compared to other payment methods, though they don’t have unique features. These are normally just the higher limits for deposit bonuses, but the difference is still major.

💠 How to make an online casino deposit with Bitcoin?

It will take: 10 minutes

We won’t be posting a detailed guide on how to start using cryptocurrencies, but here is a short overview of the steps you need to take, in order to start playing at a BTC casino.



Depending on the features you need. There are lots of sites that provide such a service, which would be a good choice for a beginner, but they are in most cases limited in features or have fees for operations.
The short answer would be the transaction terms, bonus amounts and the level of security, though it does not concern the casino in general, it is only the comparison between the payment methods. Otherwise, the casinos that accept BTC and the ones that don’t have exactly the same features and characteristics.
It strongly depends on the specific place you’re playing at as different sites offer different types of promotions and different limits for each promo. You may get up to 2 BTC of free value as a welcome bonus, for example, but this would usually be a 100% deposit bonus, meaning you will have to deposit 2 BTC as well.
To get the most value, there are two aspects to take into account, first of them being the promotions. And we don’t necessarily mean the max amount of the welcome bonus. In most cases, having a smaller reload bonus that you may activate every week gives more value in the long run. The second aspect is the loyalty program. A decent place should either have a comp point system or a layered program with rewards for reaching new levels, which will also be extremely beneficial in the long-term.
It depends. Firstly, it depends on the casino: they might have a fee for processing withdrawals, but it is a rare thing to have, most places provide the cash-outs for free. And it depends on the wallet and exchange platform you’re using. You may have no fee from the casino, but you’ll likely have one, when exchanging BTC for USD, for example.
It is totally up to you. In the article we have covered both the advantages and the drawbacks, so you are now ready to make an informed decision. We suggest trying it with a simple wallet, so that you can evaluate your own experience.


🔈 Players reviews

  • Atterdion Atterdion

    I’ve been using BTC since the first big place started accepting it. It’s a very comfortable option and it is way safer than credit cards or e-wallets. I would probably rather use prepaid cards, but you cannot withdraw them.

  • Jenifer Jenifer

    Yeah, the max bonuses with bitcoin are insane at some sites. Though it is too risky imo, you won’t be able to stop until you meet the playthrough requirements.

  • LinaGel LinaGel

    Wow, I thought cryptos are anonymous. Googled it and it turned out with some effort you can be traced, but I don’t think anybody will bother themselves this much because of gambling.

  • dRinger dRinger

    Thanks for such a detailed guide on choosing a good site! I’m an experienced player already, but I think such info will be extremely helpful for newbies.

  • IsmaIvian IsmaIvian

    Just adding up to your article a bit. It’s true that many sites accept crypto payments through Coinbase, but you didn’t mention they typically accept ETH, LTC, DOG and other coins too.

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